Up.coffee blog – day 7

Up.coffee blog – day 7 Made a cappuccino this morning using my moka pot with a #12 grind. I used an Aeropress filter, I frothed homogenized milk with my milk frother.  While it wasn’t truly a cappuccino, because it wasn’t made with an actual espresso maker, it was still a very good approximation, and a […]

Up.coffee blog – day 6

Up.coffee blog – day 6 Followed the same process as with day 4, but with paper filters.  I found that I had to use the paper filter in tandem with the metal filter, because without the support of the metal filter, the paper filter simply burst, making a mess. After cleaning out the coffee brewer, […]

Up.coffee blog – day 5

Up.coffee blog – day 5 I tried variations on the brew process from day 4 in an attempt at reducing the coffee silt at the bottom of the mug and brewer. The brew process was the same as day 4, but with different grind sizes. 1st try was with a #20 grind and the coffee […]

Up.coffee blog – day 4

Up.coffee blog – day 4 I purchased a Cosori Pour Over Coffee Maker (this is a competitor to the Chemex) with a permanent (metal) filter. I ground the beans and put them directly into the metal filter and brewed the coffee by slowly pouring the water from my electric kettle to make the beans bloom […]

Up.coffee blog – day 3

Up.coffee blog – day 3 Purchased a Grosche Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker Moka Pot (6cup), a RATRSO Automatic Milk Frother, a Boly Burr Coffee Grinder and 3 bags of coffee beans: Ethical Bean Coffee – Sweet Espresso Medium Dark Roast, Kicking Horse Coffee – Cliff Hanger Espresso, and Lavazza Espresso – Crema E Aroma I […]

Up.coffee blog – day 2

Up.coffee blog – day 2 Using my American Press coffee maker with the same amount of freshly ground beans and water temperature as yesterday, I proceeded to brew a cup off  coffee that tasted equally as good. No surprise there, the American Press and the AeroPress are both great coffee makers. Coffee maker – American […]

Up.coffee Blog – Day 1

Up.coffee Blog – Day 1 Bought Balzac Coffee Roasters Medium Roast Farmers Blend Fairtrade Organic coffee beans from Costco – a 2lb. (907g) bag for $16.99 I cleaned out my Aeropress coffee maker and then ground enough beans with my Hario MSS-1 hand-crank burr mill grinder to fill the to the 2 cup mark (this […]

Day 0 – Introduction

Day 0 – Introduction This blog will describe my journey towards making the perfect cup of coffee. Prior to starting this blog, the extent of my coffee making experience was making coffee with a drip coffee machine, then using a French press, then using an Aeropress and finally using an American press, and of course, […]