Bought Balzac Coffee Roasters Medium Roast Farmers Blend Fairtrade Organic coffee beans from Costco – a 2lb. (907g) bag for $16.99

I cleaned out my Aeropress coffee maker and then ground enough beans with my Hario MSS-1 hand-crank burr mill grinder to fill the to the 2 cup mark (this is my usual strength for dark roast coffee) and put it in the Aeropress.

I boiled fresh tap water to the point where my stovetop kettle just started to whistle. I poured it into the Aeropress, stirred it, topped up the water (about an inch and a half had gone through the ground beans) and then I pressed the plunger down until all the water was through. Then, I cleaned out the Aeropress for the next coffee…

The coffee tasted pretty good, but it was a bit strong for my taste. Next time I will add more water and see how that tastes.

Brewed a second cup of coffee. 

I followed the same process as my last cup of coffee, but this time I topped up the coffee (filling the mug the last 3/4 of an inch).

This time the resulting cup tastes much smoother.

Coffee maker – AeroPress

Brand of coffee – Balzac Coffee

Type of roast – medium roast

Amount of beans 25g

How fine a grind – coarse (maybe a #25 or so)

Temperature of the water – boiling

Filtered / un-filtered water – unfiltered

Filter (paper/metal) – paper

Taste – pretty good

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